Farmers Insurance - Donald Swanson is a Insurance agency located in San Diego. The registered address of the entity is 1011 Camino del Rio S Ste 340, San Diego, CA 92108. Further in detail information is provided in the corresponding sections along with the frequently asked questions. You can also read the customer reviews about Farmers Insurance - Donald Swanson as well as sharing your own experience. Every opinion is valuable, giving more insight on the company and other businesses in San Diego.


What is Farmers Insurance - Donald Swanson?

It is a Insurance agency company located in San Diego

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What facilities does Farmers Insurance - Donald Swanson offer?

Wheelchair accessible entrance


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  • Al R16 Apr 07:36
    I have been calling Don Swanson office since August 2021 with NO answer, call back or returned email!!  That is 9 months I've been calling & emailing with no response!! He never once answered the phone, return my calls or email. There are only 2 people in his office. Don & Cynthia. I have been calling and emailing both for 9 months but Neither of them have gotten back to me.  He also will not get back to my agent who has been calling and emailing him for months. I signed up with Farmers Insurance in June of 2021. My agent had no idea what he was doing. Even though I'm a real estate appraiser and explaining to him that my split-level is listed as a two-story. Yet he's still listed as a one story.  So I got 3 increases in the first 90 days for over $220 because he didn't list it as a two-story like I explaining.  I never asked for a credit but Don Swanson offered me a $50 gift card for my inconvenience from the 3 increases. But he never sent it. Even 9 months later!!  I have called Farmers Insurance directly and filed multiple complaints to ask someone to have him call me back. But he still doesn't. Now it's been 9 months that I've been trying to get a hold of him with not one single call email or response. He won't return my agent's call or anything either.  I don't know what kind of broker won't get back to your clients or agent and will never pick up the phone. He even turned off his message machine months ago. There is not one single person in his office answers the phone or return the phone call.  No one should have to spend 9 months trying to get ahold of the district manager. I have no idea how he stays with Farmers when he is so horrible.  My agent says that Don won't return his calls and that he has many problems with them as well. No matter who I tell at Farmers Insurance they said there is nothing they said they could do. To actually have him call me after 9 months!! If he'll put me through this as a real estate appraiser, broker and investor. Then I can't imagine what he's doing to the someone that doesn't know the laws.

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